Thursday, November 04, 2004

Four More Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The results are in and George W. Bush has been re-elected! I was very glad that I had planned ahead and took a vacation day on November 3, not only because it was another late election night, but I was able to watch as events took place yesterday. Yes, I was doing a happy dance at 11:30 yesterday morning when it was reported that Sen. Kerry had called President Bush to concede the race and about 10 minutes later, Nevada was declared for the President, pushing his electoral total over the 270 mark.

Although frustrating, I do understand why John Kerry held off in conceding the race. Although the number of provisional ballots in Ohio was much lower than his campaign expected, they worked off the information they had. He decided it was time to end the race when he realized that his ability to win the state was impossible.

Although the race was filled with mudslinging from both sides, the concession and victory speeches were congenial. Both men were right to say that it is time to unite America, to move forward, and do what is right for the country as a whole.

With the election over, this portion of Neilsview will come to an end, but I plan to continue to update this site with my views on politics around the country and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Keep checking back.

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Blogger Drew said...

Neil, despite our political views I found your commentary on the election very informative. Keep up the posting.

11:16 AM  

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