Monday, November 01, 2004

Election Day

Election Day is upon us! This looks to be one of the closest races in American history, but I still firmly believe the George W. Bush will be our President for another 4 years. It is important that every Bush supporter get out and vote. Remember that in 2000, the media had called Florida for Gore one hour before the polls closed in the panhandle, which was heavily for Bush. How many did not cast a ballot based on information that their vote would not matter?

There have already been instances of attempted voter fraud and who knows how many people and organizations have been successful that we have heard nothing about? What should be surprising but isn't, is that the fraud was performed by agents (people who support and are working toward, not special secret agents) who are working for a Kerry win. No, I do not believe the Kerry campaign had a direct hand in this. What I still find amazing, although this seems to come up in some form every four years, is that Kerry and Edwards, along with Terry McAuliff, continue to tell people that the Bush campaign is trying to keep various groups from voting. Of course, they have no evidence or even any reason to make these statements, but the willing participants in the press give this a great deal of coverage, as though there was some shred of evidence that this was taking place.

America still needs a leader in the White House. Now is not the time to change to an administration who will change policy based on public opinion on a day to day basis. Yes, the President and Congress are elected to represent the people, but they are elected to lead the nation, not to follow every public opinion poll. President Bush has shown over the past four years that he is willing to make unpopular decisions, and will see his decisions through to conclusion. John Kerry has changed position based on public opinion and political expediency. If John Kerry had started the war in Iraq, he would have pulled out as soon as things stopped looking positive. He would have left a vacuum in Iraq so as to remain popular at home and with nations who haven't the guts to take on even those directly threatening them.

The Presidential Election is not about who is the nicer candidate. It is about who can lead, who is willing to make decisions and bear the consequences. If John Kerry wins (so help us, God!) how long before he pulls a Clinton and tells the American people that he needs to raise everyone's' taxes because things are worse than he thought, even though his own information told him otherwise and he continued to make promises he knew he could never keep. How would John Kerry ask someone to be the last to die for what he believes was a mistake?

George Bush has been a leader a several points in his life. He suffered failure in business before enjoying any success. He dealt with the failure and was able to move on, to learn from mistakes and not repeat them later. He beat Ann Richards for the Governor's office in Texas and was a successful Governor. He won (yes, he really, really did beat Al Gore in 2000. Several times in fact.) the Presidency in 2000 and has managed what was already turning into a bad situation and became worse on 9/11/2001. He has cut taxes to all taxpaying Americans. He prevented our economy from falling into depression. He has fought two wars, has won freedom for people in two countries, and eliminated two comfort zones for terrorists (not militants or any other description which shows support) in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our economy is improving, jobs are returning and the world is a safer place thanks to the Bush administration.

John Kerry has been a part time Senator for 20 years. He was supposed to be full time, but apparently could not work it into his schedule. Even before his run for President, he missed 25 - 40% of his votes and committee meetings. He has been able to pass 5 items through the Senate, one bill and four resolutions. He has demonstrated that he is a follower in the Senate, and a follower as a candidate for President. He can't seem to determine what his core values are. He was raised a Roman Catholic, but when it comes to following the faith he proclaims to be a member of, he likes to pick and choose what applies to him. He was never very religious while he was a Senator, even in an election year, but he like to make a show of his "Catholicity" while stumping for the Presidency. I cannot judge his faith, that is between him and God, but he is, in my opinion, a poor example of a Catholic.

John Kerry and John Edwards like to tell people how they are concerned for the middle class and the poor. I love hearing this from two men who have wealth beyond the comprehension of most Americans. I love hearing them talk about how the tax cut only benefited the wealthy even though every tax paying American pays less to the Government. They would certainly know about benefits for the wealthy. Neither one appears to complain about tax deductions when filing as they take advantage of everything they can. Let's face it, in protest to deductions, they could have paid every dime possible, perhaps even a little more. But, they did not.

When you go to vote on November 2, 2004, remember two things:

1) Do not let a Kerry-Edwards lawyer go into the booth with you to make sure the ballot is "fair" and completed correctly.

2) This country needs the leadership of George W. Bush for another 4 years.


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