Wednesday, October 06, 2004

VP Debate

Last night we witnessed the one and only VP debate. I only wish we had more of these as VP Cheney showed clearly who needs to go back to the Whitehouse. While VP Cheney continued to backup his statements and to point out that the challengers cannot even live up to the commitments they have made in the past, Senator Edwards continues to say that things should have been handled differently and that he believes we can do better.

John Edwards asks, "Give us a chance to fight for you." Isn't that what Kerry and Edwards were elected to do in the Senate? With their attendence and voting records there, I can only imagine what they would believe would be an improvement.

While John Edwards and John Kerry (since even John Edwards can't seem to separate the two) continue to tell us how they would have done things differently in the past and that "we can do better," they provide no substance durning the debates of what they will do or how they propose to do it. Senator Edwards tells us that he will keep us safe by hunting down terrorists where they live, but aside from sounding like he, himself, will be hunting for them in the Middle East, makes no statements about how he will do things differently.

How can the American People consider electing two men who offer no substance for change to the White House. What I hear from John Kerry and John Edwards is that they would have done things differently in the past, but cannot tell us how they will change things in the future.

Their "plan" appears to be taking the same approach at President Bush. What would John Kerry do if his coalition doesn't materialize? Will he just give up? Move on to other things? That's the way to show American stregnth and resolve. Either your with us or we won't do it either.


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