Thursday, October 07, 2004

Random Thoughts

The media enjoys the recent testimony of inspectors who are stating that they have been unable to locate any evidence of WMD in Iraq. They love to play the Monday morning quarterback on this. The question they should be looking at is wether or not there was credible evidence BEFORE the invasion. Did we act properly based on the information in our possession.

Inspectors are quick to point out, the media less so, that even Iraqui intellegence believed that Saddam had WMD, that Saddam wanted the world to believe that he had them. His apparent reasoning was that this would deter a threat from his old enemy, Iran. This plan backfired in this new post 9/11 era and the threat came from across the world, not next door.

The intellegence stating that Saddam had WMD was supported by the fact that he refused to allow UN weapons inspectors do their job, time and time again. The world had seen him have possession of such weapons and had seen that he was willing to use them on his own people. (These are the same people Michael Moore would have you believe were living in some suburban paradise where the children played outside freely and people were treated fairly and humanely.) Because Saddam would not produce records to show his destruction of such weapons and because he toyed with the UN inspection teams over the course of 12 years, the world had no reason to believe anything but his having such weapons.

Does anyone else remember watching Hans Bilx testify before the UN nearly two years ago that the UN inspections teams could neither confirm nor deny the existence or destruction of such weapons? I remember it vividly.

The fact of the matter is that after 9/11, the President stood before a joint session of Congress and the American people and swore that he would root out terrorists where they live. He stated that you were either with us or against us, that we would go after terrorists and those who supported them. Saddam certainly did support terrorists. He was offering money, $25,000.00 to the families of suicide bombers if they would attack Israel. He himself was a terrorist by the fact that he would not allow the world to know about his weapons programs.

The war in Iraq is right. We removed a brutal dictator who most certainly would support terrorists in any way he was able. Can anyone tell me that if he had in his possession, nuclear weapons, that we could be assured that he would not sell them to someone else for terrorism? Can anyone tell me how much longer we would have to wait before the sanctions completely crumbled and he began his weapons programs again? We already know about the corruption and black market dealings that France and Germany were involved in, trading with Iraq when UN resolutions forbid it. Perhaps John Kerry could magically enforce a new resolution in the same manner he can magically produce a UN coalition.


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