Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Final Week to the White House

Here we are, down to the final week of the campaign. Polls indicate that the race is still incredibly close. At least here in Massachusetts, much of people's focus has been turned to the World Series of Baseball rather than the "World Series of American Politics." I remember reading recently that people in Massachusetts were polled about if they had to choose a World Series win for the Sox or John Kerry for President, the majority went for the Sox. So much for devoted followers of John Kerry.

As I follow the candidates campaigns during these last few days, I see tremendous distinction between the President and the Senator. While the President is staying on message, talking about what his administration has done in the past four years and what they can do in the next four, the Kerry campaign is trying to scare voters around the country, trying to make them believe in things that do not exist. I read about how the Bush campaign is going to do everything possible to stop groups of people from going to the polls. Of course, like Kerry's plan for Iraq, there is no substance behind this statement. Who was the first to mobilize lawyers to the battleground states? Yes folks, it was the Kerry campaign. In response, the Bush campaign had to mobilize their own lawyers to prepare for a recount which may never be. It seems that one chapter of the NAACP, a devotee of Kerry, has decided not to leave the election to chance and paid a man to register to vote under several names. What did they pay him with? Crack cocaine. Marvelous!

Nope, no voter fraud going on there!

Kerry and Edwards continue to lie, blatantly, that, if reelected, George Bush will push for the draft. How conveniently do they forget to mention that it was a member of their own party who proposed the reinstatement of the draft and the Republican congress who opposed the bill. Of course, Kerry and Edwards would never let facts get in the way of a good scary story. Remember, Kerry keeps telling our seniors that Bush wants to rob them of their Social Security, even though there is no evidence to support this. Scary stuff.

Now, John Kerry has been a member of the Senate for 20 years. He has shown no leadership during this time. His most recent and most touted leadership experience is 4 1/2 months as a Swift Boat commander in Viet Nam. This 4 1/2 months has trained him to be Commander-in-Chief, has apparently made John Kerry an expert in modern warfare. He believes that he can unite the world to help the US fight in Iraq, to join him in this "wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time." What scares me the most is that people believe he can pull this off.

During the local morning news, candidates for Congress and our State Senate have recently started buying commercial time. One commercial in particular is very amusing. It begins by asking Massachusetts voters who is fighting George Bush for them. The add then goes on to list the "accomplishments" of this congressman, including his voting for a middle class tax cut. Excuse me, but I am confused. Is this the same tax cut that John Kerry and John Edwards continue to tell us only benefited the wealthiest Americans? Because we have no Republican representation from Massachusetts, this Congressman is one of Kerry and Edwards fellow Democrats. Oh, the irony! I guess you can have things both ways if it suits you.

George Bush will continue to lead this country back from recession and terrorism. He may not be the best spoken man, but he tells it like it is. Of course, if he says anything other than positive things about the reality of the War on Terror, Kerry jumps on him. If he should lie and tell you that this a conventional war and victory is in sight, Kerry would jump on that. Look to the man who truly follows his values, who does not pander to the poll of the week. If you seek strong leadership, vote George W. Bush on November 2.

Thank you.


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