Friday, October 15, 2004

Debate #3

Well, the debates are now behind us. I believe that the third debate showed to be the most heated, although I don't believe had the best questions or format. George Bush showed that he can defend his administration's policies and actions and has a good grasp of the facts. Of course, here in Boston, the Democrats cannot see this. I was reading some opinions on-line here and for some reason I kept seeing the same statements over and over, George Bush avoided questions and is unable to produce facts.

Unfortunately, the notes I took on the debate were lost when I upgraded a software package on my PDA which later turned out not to be compatible with my operating system.

I will say this, what I heard from John Kerry is the same rhetoric we have been hearing all along. "We can do better," "I have a plan," "I hope we can talk more about this later,""George Bush has lost jobs,""George Bush gave a tax break to the wealthiest Americans."

George Bush continued to hammer the absentee Senator on his 20 year record in Congress and again pointed out that many of the issues raised by Kerry have not concerned him during his Senatorial Career. Yes, it is true that Senator Kerry has only passed 5 pieces of legislation since 1984. The Senator has cowritten, cosponsered, written or contributed to 56 pieces of legislation, but only managed to get passed 1 bill and 4 resolutions. Well, if that record of failure doesn't show true leadership, I apparently don't know what does. Let us remember, that many of these pieces of legistlation were proposed during times when the Democrats were the MAJORITY in the house. He couldn't even get his own party on board.

Does anyone else remember in August of 2000, when the internet bubble started to burst and the economy began to suffer, that the Democrats blamed the faltering economy on George Bush's nomination for President. They told us that people were scared that he may win. They completely disregarded the fact the many internet companies were not producing anything and had not shown any profit, inspite of plentiful funds from investors. I don't know if people just believed that this would continue indefinately or what.

Now, John Kerry wants to raise taxes on the wealthiest of Americans. Sounds good, doesn't it? It does if you believe that John Kerry, John Edwards, the Hollywood elite and the wealthy members of the Democratic party will just sit back and accept the fact that their tax bills will go up. As Dick Cheney pointed out, John Edwards made sure to take every deduction he could on his taxes, even one which allowed him not to pay $600,000.00! What was Edwards' defense? That was completely legal. I don't think that was the point the Vice President was trying to make. Edwards did not just have his taxes prepared to show he made so much income and therefore should pay 42% of that away to government. He took deductions to keep the money he earned (regardless of how he made it). But, Edwards and Kerry say that raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans will solve all of America's economic woes.

Well, what do you think these two will do when they do not take in the tax revenue they say they will? You guessed it, raise taxes on the middle class (in spite of Kerry's promise during the second debate). Perhaps he will pull a Bill Clinton and simply say that things were worse than they thought. Of course, Bush 41 told people during the election that Bill Clinton couldn't spend as he said and not raise taxes on everyone.

George Bush and his administration provided a tax cut to everyone and in several different ways. When you cut taxes by a percentage and you have a progressive tax, of course the people who pay more money in taxes will receive the largest tax cut. Do Kerry and Edwards truly believe that they and other wealthy people should just plan to pay nearly half of their income away in taxes because "they can afford it?"

Putting money back into the wallets of the people puts money in the economy. I don't think I know anyone who took their tax cut money and stuffed it in their mattress or buried it in their back yard. They spent it. They bought goods and services, transferring the money to other people in this manner, kept the economy going, and in most cases, paid sales tax for the privledge. Others invested money in banks or stocks. This money is returned to the economy to be invested again, keeping the stock market going.

We need to keep the fight going for the President. John Kerry will go back on his pledge, he will tax everyone. You can't add nearly a trillion dollars to the budget for national health care and pay for it with $89,000,000,000.00 in tax increases to the "rich." By the way, if you own a business as a sole proprietor, whereby the business income is your income, $250,000.00 does not make you wealthy. Not anymore.

Help the President get out the vote. Talk to people and explain why John Kerry is not the right choice. The President has demonstrated strong leadership over the past 4 years and will continue to do so going forward, but we must make sure that George W. Bush has that opportunity.


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